summer 2010

summer 2010
Ready to head off Santa Cruz

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The weekend after EARTH and Yosemite

We thought about sleeping in .... and decided to head to Andrew Molera State Park (down Hwy 1, just before Big Sur). We visited the Ventura Center and realized that condors (the elusive to the Lodes and endangered to the rest birds) had been spotted earlier in the day. BACK in the car to the protests of our kiddos and off to "around milemarker #40, if you pass the winebarrel place you've gone too far." We stopped and used the binoculars, climbed some rises, stood on the precipice of death (okay, you know who was NOT in this position) and.... saw one resting on the side. Lots of patience (and luck) let us actually see them take off and soar for a short bit (the thermals weren't cooperating so they kept landing again). It was AWESOME (five years we've tried to see these huge birds with 9 feet wingspans). Five years we've seen turkey vulture after turkey vulture. But now in 2010 we have seen them!

We did sleep in and thus ended up at noon mass. We had to bring a cooler and hit Trader Joe's before because at 1pm started WimbleBARI (or WiMBARI) the doubles tennis tourney for the interns (organized and run by Izzy). Andy and had a bye to both semi-final rounds because we were going to be late. Costumes were had by many (one was a bit x-rated and thus the girls and Andy went for a looooong walk during that match). Andy and I won the semis and final match (thanks in part to Chris taking pity on me when he was serving... actually during that match Sandeep and I had plenty of time to chat at the net while Chris and Andy battled it out--I did hit a few balls). Then was the celebratory bbq with burgers, dogs and veggie options. A great ending to a great weekend (and did I mention that the sun was out almost the entire weekend?).

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